Collingwood Community Tennis Club

have fun. play better.





Our Mandate

The Collingwood Community Tennis Club (CCTC) is a non-profit, grassroots organization that is committed to delivering high-quality yet affordable tennis programming to the residents of Collingwood.

Established in 2012, the CCTC offers tennis lessons on local courts that are easily accessible by foot or bike. CCTC programs run on courts at three local parks: Mair Mills, Kinsmen (Lockhart) and Princeton Shores.

Affordable Sport

CCTC tennis clinics for children and adults are among the most affordable sports programs in Collingwood. With expert, professional coaches, the CCTC also delivers programming that is second to none.

No racquet? No Problem! While participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment, thanks to our sponsors the CCTC can provide racquets for people to use.

Executive and Staff

President - Cameron Mitchell

Past-President - Jackie Robin

Vice-President -  Jane Noble

Treasurer - Jem Scharf

Secretary - Peter Tollefsen

Membership - Lisa Meadow

Coaching - Shun Cheung

Marketing - Ashlea Prestage  

Program Director - Mark Renneson

Mark joins the CCTC in 2015. He has Coach 2 and Club Pro 2 certification from Tennis Canada and is the founder of Third Shot Sports. Mark's role is to oversee all programs and coaching at the CCTC.



The CCTC would not be possible without the support of our great sponsors. Thank you for your belief in the importance of community tennis.