Current Instructors

The Collingwood Community Tennis Club tries to attract fantastic professional instructors from all over the world. Having a wide range of experience and history in working with players of all ages and skill levels, CCTC coaches are exceptional teachers who are fully certified by Tennis Canada and experts in using best practice coaching methods in both group and private settings.

Current instructors

Sunny Sarpal • Head Coach and Program Director of Tennis (PDOT)


Sunny has been a huge fan of the game for almost a decade now. He started playing tennis at the age of 25 and has been totally immersed in it ever since.

Besides being an avid tennis player, Sunny is also very passionate about teaching others, helping them achieve their goals, and furthering the game of tennis in the local community.

Over the years, Sunny has drawn upon all kinds of resources — books, videos and coaches — to help him become the tennis professional he is today . . . and he can't wait to share that information and expertise with the adult and junior members of the CCTC!

He's excited to work with us, help us become better tennis players while he continues his tennis journey, growing both professionally and personally.

Tennis Canada certifications and qualifications:

• Instructor Course

• Club Professional 1

• Introduction to Wheelchair Tennis

• Cardio Tennis

Dave Brown • Coach