Club Instructors

Sunny Sarpal

Head Coach / Program Director of Tennis (PDOT)



YouTube channel

To say Sunny is a tennis fanatic is an understatement.  His tear ducts overzealously rejoice at the sight of two greats embracing after a brutal match (one of which he commentated on, point-by-tedious-point).  Lacing up a new pair of tennis shoes makes Sunny look like a wide-eyed child on Christmas morning, and when traveling abroad to exciting locales, he is just as excited to see local village kids hitting on a clay court as he is to see a teeming mountainscape that was once featured on the cover of National Geographic. 


Sunny dedicates much of his free time to bettering himself as a coach and player - a regular day can include hours of videos, books and articles, and he occasionally talks about tennis with other coaches until well past his bedtime.  Sunny has received much relevant training on the sport, and is using this knowledge to help others do their best.  Tennis excellence requires much more than empty promises, short-cuts, tricks and inspirational quotes from a coach.  It takes dedication, concentrated effort, and a lot of focused practice - helping clients master both the mental and physical game is Sunny’s ultimate goal.

Tennis Canada certifications and qualifications:

• Instructor Course

• Club Professional 1

• Introduction to Wheelchair Tennis

• Cardio Tennis

The Collingwood Tennis Club has attracted fantastic professional instructors from all over the world. Having a wide range of experience and history in working with players of all ages and skill levels, our coaches are exceptional teachers who are fully certified by Tennis Canada and experts in using best practice coaching methods, both in group and private settings.